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Client Sampler 2006
Client Sampler 2006
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2006.

Client Sampler 2007
Client Sampler 2007
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2007.

Client Quilt Sampler 2008
client quilt sampler 2008
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2008.

Client Quilt Sampler 2009
client quilt sampler 2009
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2009.

Client Quilt Sampler 2010

client quilt sampler 2010
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2010.

Client Quilt Sampler 2011

Look here to see some of my quilting from 2011.

Client Quilt Sampler 2012
Look here to see some of my quilting from 2012.

Client’s Kids’ Quilts

Clients' kids quilts
If you are looking for ideas for a quilt for a child, you might be interested in this set.

My Grown-up Quilts
My Grown-up quilts
In this case, “grown-up” refers to the recipient of the quilt, more or less. These are quilts that I have pieced and quilted, and are destined for or owned by an adult.

My Kids’ Quilts
My Kids' Quilts
These are the quilts that I’ve pieced and quiltrd that are destined for those not yet adults.

Art Craft Coalition
These three sets are of work that I have done with my friends at collaborators at Art Craft Coalition
Oh My Goddess show 2006
Enjoy this set of photos taken by Anne Jarnagin down at Esther’s Fabrics, as she toured the OH MY GODDESS! quilt show at the Poulsbohemian Coffee House in Poulsbo Washington. The show is collaboration of local textile artists and features quilts as well as fashion dolls inspired by the divine feminine. The artists’ names are listed with the corresponding quilt or doll, and look on the Contact Us page to find contact information about each artist. Anne’s pictures are used by permission but she retains the rights to her work so please don’t copy or forward them. Thanks!

This was a collaborative effort, meaning that each quilt has pieces done by the six core artists of the show. So the name listed with each quilt is the originating artist, the person who chose the goddess and then began the quilt, and then who finished the quilt after it had made its rounds.

Turquoise and Science Fiction
Take a look at this quilt! Part of a collaborative series, this themed quilt was made by, for and with me.

Wheel of lIfe quilt
Another quilt in the collaborative series, this time for another Art Craft Coalition quilter, Jenn Rhodes.

My Other Quilted Objects

other quilted objects
Quilting doesn’t have to be on quilts alone! Here’s an example of a crazy-quilted lampshade that I sewed from leftovers on the Tidepool quilt. And there’s a throw pillow, too, and some more lampshades, and a crazy quilted hat with a knitted brim. So keep your scraps and make a jacket, a tea cozy, a throw pillow, a purse, or a lampshade or two! Or maybe even a sweatshirt jacket with lots of raw-edge applique from those yummy large scale florals.

If you love rayon batiks and don’t know what to do with them, try making some luciously soft chenille scarves. Check out the pictures of scarves in process below and if you want to see one in person, you’ll find them at the Handmade at Esther’s holiday sale at Esther’s Fabrics in Winslow during the month of December each year. On the Web, find Esther’s at http://www.esthersfabrics.com/. Happy sewing all!

My Kona Bay and Seattle Bay Projects
Kona Bay fabrics
Check out these projects I’ve quilted using Kona Bay or Seattle Bay fabrics

My Sew Batik Projects
Sew Batik projects
Enjoy the pictures of these projects pieced iwht fabrics from Sew Batik.

Tutorials, tips & techniques
Tutorials, tips & techniques
Here I have pictorial tutorials and demos for a variety of techniques and tools. Try them for yourself, see how you like them.